Short course table

Biopharmaceutical Lyophilization and Spray DryingMay 13–16, 2024Formulation3,995
Protein Precipitation and CrystallizationMay 21–22, 2024Bioprocess Development2,400
Downstream Biopharmaceutical Processes: Fundamentals and DesignMay 21–23, 2024Bioprocess Development2,975
Fermentation EngineeringMay 21–23, 2024Bioprocess Engineering2,975
Fermentation EngineeringJun 4–6, 2024Bioprocess Engineering2,975
Hands-On cGMP Biomanufacturing of Vectors for Gene TherapyJun 11–14, 2024Biomanufacturing4,295
Hands-On Essentials of Automation for BiomanufacturingJun 18–19, 2024Automation1,850
Fundamentals of Mammalian Cell Line DevelopmentJun 18–20, 2024Bioprocess Development2,400
Hands-On cGMP Biomanufacturing OperationsJun 24–27, 2024Biomanufacturing3,995
Biopharmaceutical Assay EssentialsJun 25–27, 2024Analytical Technologies2,975
Analytical Methods for Gene Therapy Vector Characterization and TestingJul 16–18, 2024Analytical Technologies3,995
Biomanufacturing Automation FundamentalsJul 23–24, 2024Automation1,875
Hands-On cGMP Biomanufacturing OperationsJul 29–Aug 1,2024Biomanufacturing3,995
PAT for Real-time Culture Monitoring and Closed-Loop Process ControlSep 10–12, 2024Automation2,975
Cell Culture EngineeringSep 17–19, 2024Bioprocess Engineering3,275
Upstream Process Development for Biopharmaceutical ProductionOct 4–31, 2024Online Course399
Applied Principles and Techniques of Depth Flow Filtration (DFF) and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) for BioPharm Downstream PurificationOct 22–25, 2024Bioprocess Development3,995
Microbial Contamination Control in Bioprocessing OperationsNov 5–7, 2024Biomanufacturing2,975
Analytical Methods for Gene Therapy Vector Characterization and TestingDec 3–5, 2024Analytical Technologies3,500