AIM-Bio International Exchange

AIM-Bio International Exchange

NC State University and the
Technical University of Denmark
Exchange Program

To help carry out this ambitious research and workforce development program, DTU and NC State are establishing an extensive international exchange of investigators, technical staff, graduate students, and postdocs between the two institutions. The main features of the International Collaboration and Exchange Program include:

One-week exchanges of faculty, technical staff between DTU and NC State to enable discussions among principal investigators regarding joint research projects; to develop and teach short courses; and to engage in other professional activities.

Exchanges of graduate students and postdoctoral students between DTU and NC State for up to six months to facilitate execution of research projects; to attend professional development and academic courses; and to engage in related professional development opportunities.

Highly motivated graduate students (PhD and master’s) may apply to travel abroad and contribute to AIM-Bio research projects for up to 6 months.  

AIM Exchange Benefits

A poster session is held at the third annual Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Symposium.


Biopharmaceutical industry visits and tours
Cultural exchange
Audit academic courses
Innovative research
Relocation support

Want to learn more about international exchange?

Choose a path below:

Master’s Students (DTU)

Highly motivated Master’s students may apply to participate in AIM-Bio research projects. Learn how to get started!

Step 1: Review the list of AIM-Bio research projects and identify a topic of interest.

Step 2: Contact the international exchange lead to explore opportunities.

Ph.D. Students and Postdocs (NC State and DTU)

Ph.D. students and postdocs who are working on AIM-Bio research projects are encouraged to participate in the international exchange program. Learn about the process below:

Step 1: AIM-Bio home university advisor/PI and the Ph.D. or postdoc to discuss ideas and draft a plan for exchange.

Step 2: AIM-Bio home university advisor/PI contacts the home university international exchange lead to coordinate exchange.

Step 3: AIM-Bio home university advisor/PI contacts the AIM-Bio exchange university advisor/PI to discuss the plan.

Step 4: AIM-Bio university advisors/PIs, exchange leads, Ph.D. or postdoc and program manager coordinate approval process.

Learn about campus life, housing and much more at the participating universities

Questions? Contact the international exchange lead at your university: