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August Thinggaard Frost recently graduated from DTU and has started a new career at BCG.

Celebrating AIM-Bio graduates

The AIM-Bio Program has supported 19 PhD students at DTU and NC State University since the program began in 2020. These students have contributed to...

NC State PhD students participate in AIM-Bio exchange program in Denmark

Beginning in April 2023, four NC State PhD students participating in the AIM-Bio exchange program have traveled to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for a six-month visit. The students, who are all pursuing doctorates in chemical engineering, are conducting research in the labs of Dr. John Woodley and Dr. Steffen Goletz. Three of the students are advised by Dr. Stefano Menegatti, Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar at NC State, who is on sabbatical in Denmark to collaborate with AIM-Bio researchers and explore research translation opportunities with companies in Europe. Read on to learn more about the students and their research interests.