NC State BTEC and DTU promote educational programs

NC State BTEC participates in U.S. conferences

Elissa Hudspeth, assistant director, Downstream, and Jonquil Horton, scientist I, represented BTEC at the 2024 annual meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, which was held May 7–11 in Baltimore, Md.

The Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center at NC State University actively attends biopharmaceutical conferences to promote the center’s lifelong learning and academic programs. Each year, BTEC staff attend the BioProcess International conference in Boston, Mass., and the Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Carolina–South Atlantic Chapter (ISPE-CaSA) Annual Tech Show at the Raleigh Convention Center in February.

Other conferences attended by BTEC vary each year. In February 2024, Elissa Hudspeth, assistant director, Downstream, delivered a talk on “Advances in Empty-Full Separation for AAV Current Trends & Regulatory Guidelines” at the Viral Vector Process Development & Manufacturing Summit in Boston, Mass. In May 2024, BTEC staff attended the 27th annual meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy in Baltimore, Md. By attending the conference, the group increased awareness of BTEC and promoted professional development courses including an AIM-Bio course, Analytical Methods for Gene Therapy Vector Characterization and Testing.

Other conferences attended by BTEC staff include the Biomanufacturing and Process Development Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium & Vendor Show in Chapel Hill, N.C. each spring. This show provides an opportunity for attendees to network and learn about advances and challenges in the field of gene therapy. BTEC staff also participated in the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) National Meeting poster session in 2023; participation is 2024 is planned to promote another AIM-Bio course, Upstream Production Process Development for Biopharmaceuticals. Attendance at conferences increases awareness of BTEC’s programs and provides an opportunity to network with biotechnology professionals.

DTU Biotech Lifelong Learning Program showcased at major European conferences

BioProcess International Europe conference in Vienna, Austria

In 2024, Denmark Technical University’s Biotech Lifelong Learning program made its conference debut at BioProcess International Europe in Vienna, Austria. This prominent event, known for gathering leaders in bioprocessing, provided an ideal stage for DTU to present its lifelong learning program. The exhibition booth attracted considerable attention from international attendees, who were eager to learn about DTU’s pilot plant training facility and short courses designed to keep professionals updated with the latest biotechnological advancements. The conference facilitated valuable interactions with industry experts and underscored the importance of lifelong learning in maintaining a competitive edge in the biotech sector.

Krutika Bavishi, an educational developer with DTU Bioengineering,  and Julian Kager, assistant professor of chemical engineering at DTU,  demonstrate the DTU Chemical Engineering Pre-Pilot Plant’s virtual reality platform at Bioprocessing International Europe in Vienna, Austria.

German Biotechnology Days in Berlin, Germany

Building on its success in Vienna, DTU also hosted a booth at the German Biotechnology Days in Berlin, a national event that unites the German biotechnology industry, including entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, funding institutions and administrators. This event offered another strategic opportunity for DTU to showcase its crucial role in biotech education and professional development. A notable highlight was the visit from the Danish ambassador in Berlin, Susanne Christina Hyldelund, who met with the Biotech Lifelong Learning team to learn more about their offerings and DTU’s pivotal role in biotech education and upskilling. Her visit emphasized the strong collaboration between Denmark and Germany in advancing biotech innovation and education. An enthusiastic response from the conference attendees reaffirmed the importance of lifelong learning and DTU’s role in supporting the biotechnology community.

Overall, DTU’s participation in these prominent conferences not only enhanced the visibility of their Biotech Lifelong Learning program but also reinforced their connections within the biotech industry. These events underscored the critical role of ongoing education in driving innovation and maintaining excellence in biotechnology.