Celebrating AIM-Bio graduates

The AIM-Bio Program has supported 19 PhD students at DTU and NC State University since the program began in 2020. These students have contributed to the program as part of the nine research project teams funded by AIM-Bio. By participating in AIM-Bio’s exchange program, they also have helped increase collaboration between DTU and NC State. These collaborations have strengthened the bond between the universities, supported new research findings and joint publications, and increased professional networks.

In a recent interview, we caught up with two new DTU graduates, August Thinggaard Frost and Andreas Visbech Madsen, to learn about their doctoral theses and plans. Our questions and their answers appear below.

August Thinggaard Frost recently graduated from DTU and has started a new career at BCG.

August Thinggaard Frost recently graduated from DTU and has started a new career at BCG.

I successfully defended my PhD on Feb. 2, 2024, and graduated the same day.

“Integrated Optimization of Hemoprotein Biomanufacturing in Yeast: From Upstream Engineering of Heme Synthesis to Downstream Purification of Human Hemoglobin”

After submitting my thesis, I went on a 4-week cross-Atlantic vacation with my girlfriend and friends to recharge my batteries. Subsequently, I had a 3-week “Business Essentials” training camp for new hires with a non-business background at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to learn the fundamentals of management consulting. After my graduation in February, I am officially starting my new job as an associate consultant at BCG located in Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen.

The PhD and AIM-Bio initiative has in many ways prepared me to work as an associate consultant at BCG, as they have further developed my problem-solving, analytical, troubleshooting, project management, and presentation skills. All of which are essential qualities of a management consultant.

I am currently working on seven publications. A thorough review paper based on my introduction chapter and a paper for each of the following six chapters [of my dissertation]. Please see the attached document for an overview and description of each chapter.

Andreas Visbech Madsen, another recent DTU graduate, has begun a new career at H. Lundbeck A/S.

I handed in my PhD on 2nd December 2023 and defended it on 9th February 2024.

“Engineering Strategies for Design and Production of Bispecific Antibodies”

After graduating I started a new position as research scientist in H. Lundbeck A/S, a Danish biopharmaceutical company located in Copenhagen and focusing on brain disease. In my new role, I am involved in driving the early discovery of antibody-based therapeutic candidates.

My PhD project with AIM-Bio has provided me strong background in antibody technology, which is highly relevant in my new position.

Most of the work conducted during my PhD has already been published, but I am still working on publishing some of the work carried out during my amazing exchange at NC State in Raleigh.

We look forward to following the professional accomplishments of all the AIM-Bio students as they graduate from the program and embark on their careers.